Utility Box Design Selected

The Greater Valley Glen Council collaborated with Councilmember Krekorian to invite artists who are stakeholders of Greater Valley Glen to submit ideas for a utility box located at the northeast corner of Fulton Avenue and Burbank Blvd, near Los Angeles Valley College. Art was to be submitted May 15, 2017 on the theme “the beauty of native plants”. This is a great opportunity for artists to¬†beautify their community by transforming utility or electrical boxes into distinctive works of art.

The Arts & Education Committee vetted the submitted artwork based on the following criteria:

1. Artwork must cover all four sides plus the top.
2. The Greater Valley Glen logo was to be included in the design.
3. “The Beauty of Native Plants” theme was to be clearly represented.
4. Detailed description of the process to be used must be outlined on the application.

The GVGC Arts & Education Committee selected a proposal by Mrs. Cheryl Goettemoeller. Her winning design features native plants with red, white, blue and yellow flowers: Red Fairyduster, Manzanitas, California Lilac, and the California Bush Sunflower. Each side of the box will display a different type of flower. Since each one is labeled, inspired passersby will be able to properly identify them at the nursery, if they choose.

According to committee chair, Mrs. Linda Wehrli, “The beautiful design by Mrs. Goettemoeller not only met all the criteria, it wowed the committee. We are excited to see the results. This is Greater Valley Glen’s first LADOT utility box art mural. The council plans to host more LADOT Utility Box art competitions in the future.”

The artist receives a stipend of $500 for her work along with paint, materials and graffiti coating. Her project is to be finished by July 31.