Run for a Seat on the Greater Valley Glen Community Council

The 2021 NC elections are coming. YOU SHOULD RUN!

We’re looking for a few good neighbors who are conscientious, community-minded, and passionate about Valley Glen.

You can run for elected office at the local level representing your neighbors. All 25 board seats are up for election on May 11, 2021.

Anyone 18 or older who lives, works, owns property, or is otherwise invested in our neighborhood’s success is eligible to serve.

File by February 23 to run for a seat on the Greater Valley Glen Community Council and the chance to help shape decisions on land use, housing, homelessness, transportation, the environment, arts, and everything else that affects Valley Glen.

Run for office

Terms are two years, in which you’ll directly advise the City Council, Mayor’s Office, and all other City agencies on matters affecting our community. See our website,, and the City Clerk’s for more info. Don’t hesitate to contact current Boardmembers for insights on our responsibilities, privileges, and time commitments:

File on the NC Candidate Filing Portal from January 9 – February 23

See who’s running

Sign up for a Candidate Information Session to learn more.

Learn what it means to be a candidate on this short video:


Election Timeline