Speed humps

The Speed Hump Program opens up a review cycle every 6 months to take petitions for speed humps. The speed hump application window will open September 12 at 8 a.m. PST. For more info and to start the process, click on Step 1 and follow the instructions. Additionally, after you have completed Step 1 and still believe you qualify for Speed Humps, download and complete Step 2. Both parts are needed to start the process.

Speed Humps are designed to reduce vehicular speed on residential local or collector streets that have a single lane of travel in each direction. While generally effective in reducing vehicle speeds and volume, speed humps also have disadvantages such as the potential for increased vehicle noise when traversing the hump as well as increased emergency vehicle response times.

For additional information regarding speed humps, please refer to the Speed Hump “What You Need To Know About Speed Humps” Fact Sheet and the “Speed Hump Evaluation Guidelines“.