We are pleased to report that the Pothole Truck was in Valley Glen on Friday, February 9, fixing potholes. Thank you to everyone who submitted suggestions. The next round of repairs is tentatively scheduled August 3.

Repairs were made at these locations:

Chandler Blvd & Fulton Ave
Oxnard St & Ethel Ave
Victory Blvd btwn Fulton Ave & Whitsett Ave
6605 Atoll Ave
Greenbush Ave & Victory Bl
Van Nooerd Ave & Aetna St 6343 Atoll Ave
Greenbush Ave & Kittridge St
Kittridge St & Ethel Ave

Originally the pothole truck also addresses small problems with sidewalks. Due to changes in the city ordinance and ADA requirements, they are now limited in what they can do on sidewalks. They can repair sidewalks with holes, floating or missing sections. Property owners need to report locations with “sidewalk repair needs”, to the Bureau of Engineering.These will be considered for the “sidewalk repair program.”