metro service changes

As part of our mission to provide excellence in service and support, Metro adjusts our bus and rail service to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our system every June and December. The upcoming semi-annual service change starting June 27 will include big changes as we’re implementing Phase 2 of the NextGen Bus Plan to offer more frequent service on many of our routes. The most significant changes to bus route structure will be seen in the San Fernando Valley and San Gabriel Valley.

We’re also beginning to restore our service levels consistent with the agency’s NextGen Bus Plan and as more riders start returning as COVID-19 restrictions are easing. This will help make travel easier for our riders, including those returning to the system. With COVID-19 cases down and more people receiving vaccinations, the plan is to increase bus service in two steps — the upcoming increase on June 27 and another increase in September.

Many of the trips being added this month will be on our busiest bus lines. We’re also improving weekday rail service frequencies during peak times on the A Line (Blue), E Line (Expo), C Line (Green) and L Line (Gold).

Find specific changes here:
You and your constituents can check for changes to your bus line with our online tool at If you use Transit app, Metro’s official smartphone app, schedule changes will appear by June 27.