LADWP Customers Have Recycled Nearly 170,000 Old, Working Refrigerators Since 2003, Saving Significant Energy in the Process

Customers Receive Rebate or New Refrigerator in Exchange

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) customers are helping to conserve a significant amount of energy and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases by recycling their working, but energy inefficient, refrigerators through two LADWP programs. Since 2003, customers have turned in 169,525 energy inefficient refrigerators to LADWP for recycling through both programs. The estimated combined energy savings is equivalent to taking 32,000 homes off the grid for a year.

The RETIRE Program, which LADWP launched in 2003, stands for “Refrigerator Turn-in and Recycle.” Through the program, residential customers can turn in their old, energy-guzzling refrigerator or freezer, free of charge, for recycling in a safe and environmentally-friendly manner, and receive a $50 rebate. By recycling an old refrigerator or freezer, customers can reduce their energy bill by up to $192 per year.

“I am very happy with the new refrigerator,” said San Pedro area customer Santa Renteria. “I am on a fixed income and the savings provided by an energy-efficient refrigerator will really help me with my bills.”

Using less electricity also reduces greenhouse gas emissions. For further savings, customers can apply for an additional rebate if they purchase a qualifying refrigerator from LADWP’s Efficient Product Marketplace (EPM). The EPM provides customers with an opportunity to shop online for energy efficient products from a single website,

The Refrigerator Exchange Program, which launched in 2007, offers income-qualified customers the same free pick-up and recycling services as the RETIRE program. In addition, customers are given a new, ENERGY STAR® refrigerator in exchange for their old, working refrigerator.

Since 2007, LADWP has provided 120,676 energy efficient refrigerators to customers, 8,123 of those in just 2017 alone.

In 2017, customers turned in a combined 11,713 energy inefficient refrigerators to LADWP for recycling through both the Refrigerator RETIRE and Exchange programs. The estimated energy savings is akin to taking over 2000 homes off the grid for a year.

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