Joanne D'AntonioWe welcome newly returning former Board Member Joanne D’Antonio to the Council. She is active in promoting and protecting the city’s tree canopy and was recently quoted in the Daily News:

Joanne D’Antonio, who lives in the San Fernando Valley and chairs the trees committee in L.A.’s citywide Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance, said she worried that the new water restrictions could cause long-term environmental damage.

“You’d be better off asking people to take sponge baths — and still water a little bit, outside — because you’ve got to keep the plants alive,” she said. “If you let them die, establishing new plants utilizes way more water.”

She added that the dramatic restrictions are not just about letting lawns go brown, they can also permanently damage plants and trees.

“They won’t survive two weeks,” D’Antonio said. “It’s better to restrict your water in other ways.”

You can hear directly from Joanne at her workshop: Preserving and Planting Trees during the September 24, Congress of Neighborhoods: What you need to know about preserving and planting street trees. Since the City’s Urban Forestry Division is not set up to take care of everything when it comes to street trees, what should a property owner do and what can a neighborhood council do to help?

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