GVGC Opposes Redistricting Map Cutting Up Community

The Los Angeles Redistricting Commission is currently in the process of redrawing the City Council District lines for the City. The Greater Valley Glen Neighborhood Council voted unanimously to oppose the configuration of Greater Valley Glen on Map K 2.5 and asks that the Commission support the GVG placement for City Council representation as an identified Community and with its natural extensions to its neighboring Communities of Interest. The GVGC authorizes the following statement October 14, 2021 Community Impact Statement 20-0668 on Redistricting to the Redistricting Commission both in writing and condensed wording for a verbal presentation.

This matter is URGENT as the Commission is close to finalizing their recommended maps. We urge ALL residents and stakeholders of Greater Valley Glen to make their voices heard on this by emailing every Commissioner on the following list, submitting a feedback form on their website here: https://laccrc2021.org/, and attending the meetings via Zoom. The schedule and links can be found on the same site. Possibly the LAST meeting to allow public comment is tomorrow, 10/16/2021 at 10:00 AM.

You can submit your comments on the https://laccrc2021.org/community-of-interest-form/

View all the maps and draw your own: https://laccrc2021.org/mapping-data/

Public Hearing Schedule: https://laccrc2021.org/public-hearing-schedule/

Redistricting Commission Contacts:

  • redistricting.lacity@lacity.org
  • fred.ali@lacity.org
  • richard.polanco@lacity.org,
  • richard.katz@lacity.org,
  • david.hyun@lacity.org
  • sonja.diaz@lacity.org,
  • denis.cagna@lacity.org,
  • alexandra.suh@lacity.org,
  • rockard.delgadillo@lacity.org,
  • rachel.torres@lacity.org
  • wendy.mitchell@lacity.org
  • elizabeth.saldivar@lacity.org,
  • valerie.l.shaw@lacity.org,
  • miguel.martinez@lacity.org,
  • edward.anderson@lacity.org,
  • michele.prichard@lacity.org,
  • natalie.freidberg@lacity.org
  • nam.le@lacity.org,
  • elissa.barrett@lacity.org,
  • maria.brenes@lacity.org,
  • charisse.bremond@lacity.org,
  • charisse.weaver@lacity.org,
  • carlos.moreno@lacity.org,
  • tammy.membreno@lacity.org
  • frank.cardenas@lacity.org,
  • rafael.gonzalez@lacity.org
  • arianna.jukes@lacity.org
  • robert.battles@lacity.org
  • layla.hamedi@lacity.org
  • cc: karo.torossian@lacity.org