At our March 6, 2023 Meeting we discussed biodiversity and voted to pass the following motion:

The Los Angeles region faces a biodiversity crisis wherein over 90% of local butterflies, songbirds, and other pollinators have disappeared in the last century due to the replacement of local flora with non-native plant and tree species. Native landscaping plants and trees can thrive in our urban environment and furnish all the benefits non-native trees can offer in terms of canopy shade to offset the heat island effect, beauty, and shade comfort for humans, while natives provide the only path to sustainability for biodiversity, water and energy savings, and the elimination of soil amendment runoff pollution.

Therefore, the GVGC appeals to the County and City of Los Angeles, all applicable government agencies, public-private partnerships, and private parties planting in public space to henceforth only plant 100% California native landscaping plants and trees within Los Angeles County, the City of Los Angeles, and specifically within the stakeholder boundaries of the Greater Valley Glen Neighborhood Council except in situations where plants and trees are designed to produce food for human consumption or provide a designated recreational playing field.