If you witness illegal dumping you can report it. Here is the official word from the Bureau of Sanitation:

Watershed Protection Division is the lead on illegal dumping in the City of Los Angeles. We have issued a large number of citations for illegal dumping this year alone. Private video and other photographic images of license plates of person(s) committing illegal dumping are very helpful to our investigations and may be used as evidence. In addition to the license plate, we would also desire, if possible, video of:

  • signage on the vehicle(s)
  • the person(s) committing illegal dumping, especially their faces
  • the violation [ie. video of the person(s) in the act of illegal dumping]
  • any other images which may lead to identifying the illegal dumpers

Other information:

  • Does the complainant know who the dumper is?
  • Does dumping occur at the location continuously or was this a one time incident?
  • any other information which may lead to identifying the responsible parties

For their safety, we do not recommend that private citizens directly confront the illegal dumpers, but report active illegal dumping to LAPD and MyLA311. The MyLA311 operators will forward the complaint to us. We will then dispatch illegal dumping officers to the location.

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