Get free trees

Street trees cool houses and streets, thereby reducing energy needs and saving the residents money. Trees also beautify the neighborhood and encourage a healthy, outdoor lifestyle. Best of all, trees make people happy!

The City’s grant-funded program can help you help your neighborhood. They can provide the trees, labor and materials for free. The only thing they need to have is permission from a resident or business to plant and a promise to water the new street trees.

Interested residents can sign up for a free street tree online at:

Be sure to water the trees you have!

Did you know that you are responsible for watering not only the trees on your property but also your street tree? You might need an orange cone if your hose is crossing the sidewalk.

We all want to save the drop, but our trees do need a little watering in the very hot months. This really does not take much water, and it helps keep the pests away. Trees give back so much in shade and air purification. Tree canopy is crucial for our health — let’s not prune it away or allow our trees die of thirst.

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