Tomato plants

The Greater Valley Glen Council issued a Neighborhood Purposes Grant to Enrich LA in December 2022 and has provided this report back about the impact to Erwin Elementary.

Through EnrichLA’s Garden Ranger Program, students have spent the school year learning about organic edible gardening directly from their school garden in a number of impactful ways. This includes caring for the garden space; engaging in fun lessons and activities taught by their Garden Ranger; and harvesting, preparing, and enjoying the fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs they helped grow. Grant funding was used to purchase materials such as art, craft, and stationery supplies; supplemental snack ingredients; food preparation materials; soil amendments; seed packets and seedlings.

The school garden provides the surrounding community with green space and promotes biodiversity for a balanced and healthy environment for all. Students, staff, and neighbors have shown their enthusiasm for the garden and their eagerness to participate. Our program follows a multidimensional approach to teaching about gardening. These lessons have provided students the opportunity to explore and play, engage with plant and animal life, cooperate and problem solve with their peers, try a variety of nutritious foods, and share harvests with their community.

It has been a rewarding experience overall working with the Greater Valley Glen Neighborhood Council. The generous grant we received supported us in providing students with an educational, fun, and engaging Garden Ranger Program at Erwin Elementary! The EnrichLA Team sends you our deepest gratitude.

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