Chair: Charles Samson
Members: Doug Breidenbach, Lisa Samson, Rich Pisani

VISION STATEMENT: The Planning and Land Use Committee monitors and reports to the Board on zoning and planning issues for specific projects and developments located in the Greater Valley Glen area only, as well as other City and/or State proposals that affect the status quo and the quality of life regarding current codes and zoning regulations.


  1. To ensure that the Planning and Land Use Committee will make timely decisions and recommendations on specific projects, modifications, CUP applications, and zone changes that are proposed for the Greater Valley Glen neighborhood.
  2. To review larger development issues such as overlay zoning proposals, general plan modifications, overall density issues, and issues of height and bulk of proposed developments, and other current topical issues such as affordable housing, etc. and to present to the Board of the Greater Valley Glen Council our best efforts to determine what serves the interest of the community except that all planning and land use projects outside of Greater Valley Glen Council area will be exclusively handled by the GVGC South East Valley Development Committee.