Valley Glen sign

GVGC Board Member Robin Shafer and Indy

Jonathan George and Family

GVGC Board Member Jonathan George and Family

Thank you to everyone who participated in our celebration of Valley Glen pets on Facebook. Here are some of our entries:

Daniela de la Paz with Perla

From GVGC Board Member Walter Hall:
“Daniela De Paz with Perla, the latest addition to our family. After many years of trying, all members of the local pride of feral cats have been trapped and all the adults neutered and released. Perla is the runt of the last of 2 litters totaling 9 kittens. All have either found new homes or otherwise will be neutered and released.”

Suzi Babbin Finer Kiki the Goldendoodle

Suzi Babbin Finer shows off Kiki the Goldendoodle

Kristen Robinson Lucy and Theo

Kristen Robinson Josie the Dutch Shepherd

GVGC Board Member shares Lucy and Theo and Josie the Dutch Shepherd

At Starbucks

Jim Shafer and Indy at Starbucks, their favorite!

Crested Gecko, Pokey

GVGC Board Member Andrea Schmitt with Pokey, the Crested Gecko.