Alessandra Ascoli

At Large: Alessandra Ascoli

At Large Board Member

In 2002 I bought a home in Valley Glen on Ranchito Avenue, where I resided for 12 years. I have so many fond memories of my neighborhood that now, as a Realtor, I specifically work to serve and represent my former neighbors. It is a special area for me. I had to move out because my elderly mother moved in with me, so I needed a larger home. I hope one day to move back. Until that time, it's my strong desire to give back to the community I loved so well.

Joanne D'Antonio

At Large: Joanne D’Antonio

At-Large Representative

I am dedicated to working to make Valley Glen a beautiful community to live and work. Valley Glen is a neighborhood on the way up, and I want to make sure that continues to happen.

At Large: Mickey Jannol

At-Large Representative, ACTING PRESIDENT, Parks & Community Improvements Chair

I’m pleased to re-join GVGC as at-large representative. With my 28-year residency and service in the Valley Glen Neighborhood Association, I hope to make a significant contribution.

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        Alex Silva

        District 1 Resident: Alex Silva

        Representative District 1, SECRETARY

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                  Cosmo Moore

                  District 4 Resident: Cosmo Moore

                  Representative District 4

                  I am a 3rd generation Angelino. Born and raised in Sherman Oaks, moved to Valley Glen in 2016 and fell in love with my new neighborhood. I have coached football at Notre Dame HS and Laurel Hall School.

                  I am currently District 4 Rep on the GVGNC and serve of thepublic safety committee.

                  In my 1 year on the council I got stop signs installed at dangerous Erwin/Ventura Cyn, lights along the perimeter of Erwin Elem School, and had a fence put up around the school parking lot to stop illicit activity that was going on.

                  I am a stay at home dad with a 4 year old and I work from home for a low vision technology company.

                  I am passionate about education, my wife is a teacher. I am legally blind and am a strong advocate for the disabled. I have a good relationship with our senior lead officer and city councilman.

                  Joseph Barmettler

                  District 4 Resident: Joseph Barmettler

                  District 4 Representative

                  Joseph Barmettler (District 4 Representative): I have served on the GVGC board for the past two years and I look forward to another term. I have lived in Valley Glen for 18 years and have found it to be a terrific civic engagement experience. Working on the Government Relations committee, I have made many trips to city hall for Neighborhood Council related events and to represent GVGC stakeholders before city government regarding board approved Community Impact Statements (CIS). I am also the GVGC rep to the Valley Alliance of Neighborhood Councils (VANC). My election campaign supports continuous community and legislative efforts for the "Save the Tree Canopy" movement in L.A., the fight against Senate Bill SB-50, and continued support for Greater Valley Glen stakeholders.

                  District 5 Resident : vacant

                  District 5 Resident

                    District 5 Resident: Sloan Myrick

                    Representative District 5 - Board President

                    As a member of the Parks Committee, we have worked with the city to improve and beautify our community park. Our park is in better shape than it has been in years.

                    Andrea Schmitt

                    District 6 Resident: Andrea Schmitt

                    District 6 Resident, Community Safety Chair

                    I have lived in the Laurel Grove neighborhood since 2003. Over time, I have grown increasingly concerned about traffic safety for our community. I would use my seat on the council to advocate for an additional pedestrian crosswalk or traffic signal between Whitsett and Laurel Canyon on Oxnard, and a DASH route linking the Orange Line with major shopping plazas in our district including the upcoming NoHo West Development. In addition, I would investigate ways to expand community programming at Valley College and also Valley Glen and Laurel Grove parks. Our neighborhood has the potential to grow significantly in the next few years, and I would work to ensure we continue to maintain and enhance our parks, trees and public spaces as a precious resource for all community members. In order for Greater Valley Glen to thrive, we must have meaningful relationships with all City Departments to ensure our needs are being met.

                    Anthony Sipp

                    District 6 Resident: Anthony Sipp

                    District 6 Resident, TREASURER

                    I want to put my political science degree to work and apply my experience in both the legal and political fields and get to work for our community. My first priority is to bring the resources we need to Greater Valley Glen and to be a voice for our community. I'm a Fordham University graduate and I have an avid interest in government. When I moved from New York to California, I spent considerable time working for Congresswoman Sanchez in Orange County, where I gained valuable insight into working with Federal, State, and local governments on behalf of everyone we represent. Considerable resources are being spent around and near us, and some of those funds need to come our way to address our own local needs and concerns. I want to build Relationships with the surrounding Neighborhood Councils so that together we can help address getting pedestrian crosswalks, bike lanes, a stronger law enforcement presence, as well as green energy initiatives.

                    Education Representative: Jah Milton

                    Education Representative, Arts & Education Chair

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